Mobile Mind Shift: Free Webinar Addresses Issue on June 26

Mobile Mind Shift Free Webinar Addresses Issue on June 26If you imagine your advertising team as an army doing battle in the current marketing wars, it’s important to pose the question: where’s the critical skirmish at the moment?

According to experts at Forrester Research, Inc., the new battleground for customers is the “mobile moment.”

“That’s the instant in which the brand’s customer seeks an answer. If the marketer is there for them, they will love the brand,” says Julie Ask, vice president and principal analyst at the company. “But if the marketer is not there when an answer is required, it will lose the customer’s business. Both entrepreneurial companies and huge corporations are winning in that mobile moment. But that cannot be said for all.”

Now brands, marketers, publishers can get a closer look at what it all means in a free hour-long webinar on Thursday, June 26 at 2 p.m. ET.

Ask and R.J. Talyor, vice president of mobile at ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, will discuss the mobile mind shift, how it is affecting corporate culture, and offer examples of brands and retailers who are winning in the mobile moment.

“The challenge for most brands and retailers now is to engineer their business to win in the moment,” says Mickey Alam Kahn, editor in chief of Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily. “In other words, the answer has to be delivered on mobile the instant the customer requests that information. Not all marketers, though, have that battle-readiness for this new age of mobility.”

In the webinar, sponsored by ExactTarget, Ask will explain how marketers can exploit mobile moments with findings from her new book, “The Mobile Mind Shift.” The book is based on 200 interviews with entrepreneurs and major companies across the globe.

The webinar will also explore how incorporating these mobile moments into an integrated and cohesive cross-channel customer journey is setting many marketers apart.

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