Mobile May Be The Big Winner on Super Bowl Sunday

According to Velti, a global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, a freshly published nationwide poll shows that nearly 60 percent of mobile users will “look at or use their mobile device during this year’s Super Bowl.”

The study, which was conducted online by Harris Interactive last month, surveyed 1,428 U.S. adults who have mobile devices and plan to watch this year’s Super Bowl.

83 percent of viewers who plan to use their mobile device expect to use it as much or more than they did during last year’s Super Bowl.

What’s more, 30 percent of viewers under the age of 45 will be watching the game with their device in hand, and about half (47%) of all viewers age 18 and older say they expect to check or use their device up to 10 times during the game.

Veli’s analysis finds that the “second screen experience” afforded by mobile devices may be threatening the effectiveness of traditional – and expensive – TV ad campaigns.

During the famous, and sometimes infamous, halftime show, men are twice as likely as women (26% vs. 13%) to turn their attention to their mobile devices.

“This survey is indicative of how integrated the mobile device has become during the biggest television event of the year in the U.S.,” said Krishna Subramanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Velti. “Viewers are sitting in front of the television with a mobile device in their hand and they’ll likely check that ‘second’ screen often. There’s no going back now from the fact that the Super Bowl is truly a two-screen experience. Mobile is the second screen that completes the full circle of user engagement — turning advertising into content.”

What role – if any – will your mobile device play this weekend on Super Bowl Sunday?

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