Mobile Marketing with “Soul”

And you thought there was nothing high-tech about selling shoes? This story reveals that the Al Bundys of the world may have  a lot more to get excited about next year.

According to the now legendary tale, the CEO of “operated four retail stores to help pay for the Internet part of the business when it began in 1996. Having brick-and-mortar stores gave him cache at retail trade shows in the early years, when online was ephemeral.”

Today, he has five retail stores and they represent less than 5 percent of the company’s volume. In other words, the type has come to capitalize on mobile marketing.

Jimmy Healey, product manager at, once “put a posting on Twitter asking a question about some shoe” and immediately had three hundred responses.

As a result, the company is gung ho for mobile marketing. They’ve even gone so far as to launch a mobile video site,

It’s nice to see a small retailer that has made it big and is now showing other small retailers how much potential lies in the future of mobile marketing.