Mobile Marketing Triggers Lawsuit Against Thumbplay, Inc.

It doesn’t take long for a litigation-happy culture like ours to penetrate the new trends penetrating our culture. As we’re now learning, Thumbplay, Inc. – major mobile content provider – was hit Monday with a substantial lawsuit amidst allegations that it unlawfully charges cellular telephone customers with fees resulting from its own mobile endeavors.

Quoting the suit, “the rapidity with which the mobile content industry has grown has led to a disastrous flaw: Billing and collection systems put in place by companies like Thumbplay have no checks or safeguards to protect against unauthorized charges showing up on customers’ bills.”

The firm pursuing the case has successfully settled cases with Facebook Inc. and AT&T, has nearly a dozen other mobile related cases currently pending, although none as large as the suit against Thumbplay.

Although Thumbplay has rejected the allegations and responded with a litany of statements and pieces of evidence suggesting that their company has been an honorable purveyor of mobile services, it will be interesting nonetheless to witness how this suit will play out and how it will (or won’t) affect the industry as a whole.

Your thoughts, please.