Mobile Marketing Titan Goes Global

VerveVerve, a location-based mobile marketing giant, is opening its London office as the base for its international business, MMW has learned.

Why the global push? Verve’s U.S. revenue growth has far outpaced the market over the past several years, the company explained in a news release.

The leadership team sees significant opportunity for Verve’s product suite in the European and Asian markets.

“Fueled by our accelerated growth in the U.S., we are extremely bullish on bringing our robust capabilities and strategic perspectives to mobile marketers across the global arena,” said Verve CEO Nada Stirratt. “In the U.K., we are seeing marketers and publishers embracing Verve’s proven, smarter, data-driven approach to mobile marketing, and we are only at the beginning of this surging global demand curve.”

According to the latest eMarketer estimates, mobile ad spend will top $100 billion globally in 2016.