Mobile Marketing Tips from MMA President

According to Laura Marriott, the president of the Mobile Marketing Association, “mobile is not about to happen, it is happening.”

Gee, tell me something I didn’t know.

In her outlook for 2008 – and the years ahead – Ms. Marriott recently provided a set of key tips to first-time mobile marketers angling to capitalize on this burgeoning advertising juggernaut.

The lessons:

–Keep it simple

Rather than create complex applications which require the consumer to learn new technologies or new ways to access information, keep it simple. Use the tried and true, the mobile technologies with ubiquitous coverage – text, mobile web – and keep the consumer interaction and engagement short. And most importantly, deliver value!


We have heard this before but by relevance, let’s speak broadly and also include ensuring non-intrusive, engaging and interactive communications that provide value (a benefit or a reward) to ensure the consumer’s continued interaction and engagement.

–Exploit mobile behavior

Remember when consumers are accessing your services, they want value and they want it now (facilitate spontaneity). By using the mobile channels that are driving volume, you can reach the mobile consumer whenever and wherever they are.

–Focus on the mobile key messages and demographics

1. Mobile users are cash rich and time poor.

2. Lots of youth users

3. Integrate into cross media campaigns including print, television, out of home, etc.

4. Provide a mechanism to buy or gain more information (value exchange).