Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

Mobile Marketing The Week in ReviewIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

There’s an old saw (pun intended) among carpenters: measure twice, cut once. It’s intended to convey the idea that measuring is serious business — and that cutting before making sure of the dimensions leads to wasted time and money.

What do marketers do when everyone has a mobile device? It’s not rocket science. While the boom times for social network adoption in the UK are over (new user growth is set to slow to a near standstill by 2018), the growth is coming from users expanding their social network activity to mobile devices.

What would happen if a retailer could pinpoint a shopper with whom it had connected previously via mobile? Ideally, the retailer could target such a shopper for a better in-store experience. Because — think about it — what’s the point of spending on mobile to attract customers but not having anything special to reward them for making the investment of time and effort to visit the store?

Amazon on Wednesday lifted the veil on the Fire Phone, representing the online retail giant’s bold foray into smartphones. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the long-rumored device is designed specifically for Amazon Prime customers.

Upscale hotel brands are booking more mobile investments to regain sales lost to online travel agencies. That’s the conclusion of a recent report by L2, a subscription-based business intelligence service that benchmarks the digital competence of brands.

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