Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

Mobile Marketing The Week in ReviewIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

In the coming years, we are expecting to see a broad and fantastic range of new digital marketing tools that will likely make the job of the digital marketer easier and more efficient (and maybe even replace him eventually). But the analysts at 451 Research are recommending caution where so many marketers are demonstrating zeal.

There’s no doubt that mobile marketing has made huge strides in the last several years, from native ads to in-app ads and cross-device data tracking. That being said, there are plenty of new challenges in the road ahead and, as 2014 winds to a close, these challenges are being brought to the forefront.

Time does not stand still. And neither does technology. What can we expect in 2015? Everyone knows that mobile is major, but according to RadiumOne, it’ll loom even larger as a market force in 2015.

Oh, how far mobile payments have come. The team at Square — the nation’s leading mobile payments platform — says its mobile money service has just reached a new milestone.

The difference in marketing today as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago is almost as big as the difference between life in the early 1900s and today. In other words, it’s huge.

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