Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

Mobile Marketing The Week in ReviewIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

2014 definitely saw an explosion of mobile ad spend. In the coming year, more and more advertisers are expected to push money towards mobile in a way that we’ve never seen before. The big question, then, is where is this money going to be coming from?

Christmas comes once a year — and always on the same date — but a third of UK online retailers may need to be gifted calendars under the yuletide tree this year.

The Lubin Business School at Pace University has announced that it will now offer a master’s degree in social media and mobile marketing. This program is slated to begin in January of 2015, and is big news for those who want to work in marketing.

Despite being a paltry priority for corporations just a relatively short time ago, today 94% of corporations use social media. What’s more, the positive impact of social media’s deployment in business is both palpable and compelling.

Americans no longer live in an “either/or” society — today it’s “both/and.” That’s why they don’t have to choose between their smartphones, their tablets, and the television. Often, they’re paying attention to all of them – all at once.

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