Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

Mobile Marketing The Week in ReviewIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

Mobile is hot, it’s at the top of every marketers urgent list. So why, according to Forrester research, do brands shy away from investing in mobile advertising? The same old story: It’s difficult to track performance. It’s hard to gauge ROI. And there’s no “Viagra Mobile.”

Do ads on social Web sites work? That’s what AOL wanted to know. (And don’t we all?) “It’s a question many have been trying to answer over the past several years, while the social media advertising industry continues to grow at an impressive clip,” said AOL in a blog about its recent study. “eMarketer estimates that spending on social media ads will hit $6.6 billion in the US this year, growing more than 46 percent from 2013.”

You’ve heard millions of its ads — on radio, on TV. But now the Ad Council, the largest producer of public service campaigns in the U.S., has announced a new partnership with Mobile Commons, a leading mobile communications company, that will enable the Ad Council to develop mobile strategies and implement texting programs in-house for the first time in the organization’s 72-year history.

Good content counts. Sales are great. Brand boosting copy sells. But what’s the missing link (that simply cannot be missing anymore)? Data.

On Thursday morning, The Mobile Marketing Association announced the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Council. This marks a first of its kind effort for the MMA.

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