Mobile Marketing: The Week in Review

Mobile Marketing The Week in ReviewIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

“Ten years ago, email marketers could be nearly certain that the messages they sent would be received, opened and read on a desktop or laptop PC with a dedicated wired Ethernet connection to the internet,” begins Steve Dille in a commentary for Marketing Land. “Today, however, email messages are more likely to be opened and read on a smartphone than a PC.” Dille knows that’s quite alright, but that there are also going to be some challenges.

In recent days, Apple’s iCloud has been subjected to incessant media jabs and scrutiny in the wake of a massive security breach that resulted in the publication of countless celebrity photographs pilfered from their personal devices.

It’s the year for mobile if there ever was one. The Mobile Marketing Association has made it known that 2014 will be a bang-up year for brands and agencies that move mobile into their marketing strategies.

“When it comes to marketing, social is cheapest and ad exchanges help you target the highest-quality consumers, but nothing beats using your own data to improve your digital ad campaigns.”

A new report from Juniper Research calls for major growth in the mobile and electronic coupon industry. Researchers estimate that the number of eCoupons redeemed will nearly double over the next three years (climbing from 16 billion this year to over 31 billion by 2019).

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