Mobile Marketing Text Book Making The Rounds

According to a recent US College Report publication, “Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Wireless Technology” by Alex Michael and Ben Salter (Elsevier) is becoming a hot commodity in college marketing courses around the United States.

When discussing the most popular text books in myriad academic departments at major colleges and universities, for the first time (at least to my eyes) text books solely tackling mobile marketing are turning up – and prominently, I might add – in institutions of higher learning across the United States.

Of course, one would naturally acknowledge such a trend as a natural consequence of the booming mobile marketing industry. However, it would also have to be stated that such added emphasis on mobile marketing is going to have far reaching and emphatic consequences for the industry as a whole within the next two to four years, as tens of thousands of college graduates with degrees in marketing find jobs in their chosen field and implement their newly acquired knowledge of mobile marketing into the first ad campaigns of their professional careers.

Apart from emerging as a major force in the advertising industry, the development of mobile marketing as an academic field of study is bound to advance the industry in ways we cannot yet possibly imagine.