Mobile Marketing Reaches for the Starz

The premium cable channel known as Starz is rolling out their first mobile marketing campaign to help promote their successful new original series called “Crash” using Zap2it’s expanded version of the “What’s On?” iPhone application.

Starz is among many cable and network television outlets eager to explore the progress of the “What’s On?” application as it expands its advertising opportunities to include the standard 480 x 55 and 320 x 55 banner units and interstitial units that takeover the mobile device’s screen as the app loads.

Kelly Bumann, VP of marketing at Starz, says “Mobile is a piece that we’re testing and learning candidly from. We like that’s not a completely crowded environment and we can design creative to appeal to people.”

For the Crash mobile marketing campaign, those who click the promotional screen for more information are taken to an external WAP page that offers a variety of pertinent info on the popular Starz series.

Zap2it, an entertainment Web site specializing in TV and film news, is a perfect fit for Starz which now specializes in both. Zap2it’s primary demographic is males and females between the ages of 18 and 45 – an appealing  factor that will certainly prompt other premium cable channels to explore the opportunities that Starz has already capitalized on.