Mobile Marketing Provider for Pizza Chains Comes to North America

Mobile Marketing Provider for Pizza Chains Comes to North AmericaAccording to a new report from Pizza Marketplace, the pizza industry is getting some help in the mobile marketing department.

ZinMobi – a so-called specialist in marketing software for pizza chains – is setting up shop in North America.

ZinMobi’s platform has enjoyed rapid success in response to its ability to targets customers according to their purchase behavior.

Its mobile marketing and messaging platform uses purchase behavior analytics and algorithms to create customer profiles which are then used to trigger customer purchases via targeted, timely and relevant messages, and coupons.

“Some of America and Canada’s best loved pizza chains are family-run businesses that simply don’t have the time to focus on complex technology or mining ‘big data’. We do all the heavy lifting for them so they can automate their marketing campaigns,” CEO Brian Stephenson is quoted in the report. “Our technology is designed to address the most common marketing needs and challenges. Whether it’s delivering instant sales, protecting margins, increasing purchase frequency, building loyalty and lifetime value or reducing churn, cutting campaign costs, minimizing administration and increasing brand consistency — our platform does it all, at both a national and hyper-local level.”

Before setting its sights on North America, ZinMobi cut its teeth by providing mobile marketing software for various pizza establishments across its native Ireland.