Mobile Marketing Proves To Span Cultural Divides


According to a fascinating article published by Creative Search Media, business owners and other entrepreneurs interested in reaching a broad spectrum of cultural and ethnic consumers that shop online should invest in enabling their website to be viewed on mobile phones.

CSM cites several interesting studies revealing that mobile marketing is a phenomenon that “Hispanic and African American audiences are embracing at rates unmatched by other ethnic groups.” And “if they can’t see your web site, you’ll not only lose the sale but also the chance to build long-term relationships.”

This report is likely helping to raise awareness about the importance of doing more than just translating the text on websites into other languages. To excel, mobile marketing in a contemporary setting requires business owners to make their web sites culturally attractive and accessible to those entrenched in and attracted to mobile media.

Mobile Marketing, in its basic function, serves to expedite at cost effective rates the ability of companies large and small to successfully promote their products and services, in particular, to younger consumers. So far, the attempts to capitalize on advertising opportunities in the vast mobile phone market have also revealed the ways in which mobile marketing can unite culturally or ethnically diverse peoples – an admirable goal for all practitioners of this burgeoning form of cutting edge marketing.

To that end, CSM provided a helped link to check whether or not your web site is presently “mobile friendly.” Simply visit W3C MobileOK Checker and run your site through the test to get a unique response as to how your site shapes up.