Mobile Marketing Proves Profitable for Sports Franchises

Mobile marketing has proven a slam dunk for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA franchise that dabbled in the mobile space long before most others in the world of professional basketball.

Beginning two years ago during the NBA Playoffs, the Cavs teamed with Phizzle to beta test a mobile alerts program that delivered a variety of exclusive downloadable content to basketball fans.  Since then, the initial trial run has evolved to help generate a cool 200k in incremental revenues on an annual basis.

While many sports franchises have recognized the benefits of mobile marketing for enforcing team loyalty and embellishing the fan experience, the Cleveland Cavaliers organization – in partnership with a variety of vendors – has illustrated that mobile efforts can also result in a substantive financial payoff.

According to Jeff Ryznar, strategic marketing director for the Cavs: “Phizzle has used every opportunity to create and implement function and easy-to-use mobile marketing platforms for in-arena or mass-market initiatives that exceed our expectations and demands.”

Phizzle has helped an array of sports franchises advance their mobile presence, including the Philadelphia 76ers, the Oakland Raiders, and the San Jose Sharks.