Mobile Marketing Poised to Break Bank on NFC Growth

According to ABI Research, mobile marketing stands to benefit greatly from the advent of Near field communications (NFC) technology.

ABI Research’s new study, “NFC Tags,” forecasts the demand and value of the primary applications for NFC tags, including smart posters, information pick-up, check-in, infotainment, and personalization, and other non-payment services.

The study shows that smart posters and mobile marketing are the greatest opportunity for service providers and manufacturers of NFC tags; they account for over half of shipments to date and are expected to be the fastest growing segment, accounting for 70% of shipments in 2016, the report reveals.

“Companies, including Avery Dennison, Identive, and UPM Raflatac have all released products targeting the growing interest for the non-payment services that NFC enables,” ABI research shows. “In total, this market is expected to be worth $298 million over the next five years.”

“There are a number of high profile technology companies already rolling out smart posters and information pick-up using NFC,” says John Devlin, group director, security and ID. “Companies such as Google, Nokia, and RIM, as well as innovative MNOs, are all exploring new business models and looking for the revenue opportunities outside of payments.”

“Smart posters are not the only application for NFC tags; there are already large scale commercial systems in place for worker check-in within home healthcare,” Devlin adds. “Further potential will also be realized as service providers develop plug-ins with gaming and social networking applications. The ability of NFC to extend companies’ brands and mobile apps, making them more interactive within their physical surroundings, will allow them to improve customer loyalty and service experience.”