Mobile Marketing Platform Dives into New Waters

Mobile Marketing Platform Dives into New WatersVserv, a smart data led mobile marketing platform, is taking the plunge into very lucrative waters for mobile advertising in 2015.

In recent days, the company announced the launch of what it calls Vserv Aqua Native. What is it, exactly? The firms calls the initiative a “dynamic native ad format powered by the Vserv Smart Data platform.”

Aqua Native is designed to facilitate a seamless experience for consumers on mobile, inclusive of ads. It displays ads that are customized as per the environment, design and layout of the app or site, hence being able to retain consumer attention and reduce ad fatigue. This in turn leads to a higher average click-through rate for the publisher.

“Vserv Aqua Native is a fluid ad format which can deliver 5760 different permutations of an ad to be displayed on the app or site,” says Prashant Dixit, VP of Global Data & Supply Partnerships, at Vserv. “In addition to this, Aqua Native also allows the publishers to fully customize the ad based on their requirement.”

It’s a promising new platform, say those who have already checked out what Aqua has to offer. If you’re interested to see what all the fuss is about, take a gander at Vserv’s latest offering here.