Mobile Marketing, Payments Destined for Mass Integration at Mealtime

From national chains to corner bakeries, dining establishments of all shapes and sizes are embracing mobile marketing with open arms.

Mobile marketing for restaurants has proven a very cost effective use of scarce advertising dollars. Mobile websites, SMS campaigns, scannable QR codes, and mobile coupons have all become hot commodities on the marketing menu of restaurants.

At the same time, mobile payments have become just as in-demand at restaurants, particularly as outdated cash-registers continue to go the way of the dinosaur.

Although plenty of retailers and restaurant owners are still holding out on new technologies, it’s becoming more expensive to cling to those outdated POS systems, which are now faced with compliance deadlines, difficulties protecting sensitive customer information, costly hardware failures and maintenance costs, crippling software limitations, and more.

Most importantly in all of this, however, are customer expectations. Today’s consumers express strong loyalty to businesses that provide a secure, expedient, and reliable check-out experience. Nothing is worse than lengthy lines born of a POS system failing to promptly accept a digital coupon or rejecting a perfectly valid one.

Today more than ever, restaurants and retailers need state of the art systems at the point of sale. And thanks to recent cutting-edge innovations in the POS and mobile payments arenas, upgrading to the best money can buy isn’t nearly as costly as one might expect.

With 66% of in-store transactions made with plastic today and 180 million Americans carrying credit or debit cards, it’s no wonder why retailers and merchants of all varieties are flocking to mobile swipers and leading professional grade mobile point of sale solutions.

But mobile marketing and mobile payments aren’t separate and incompatible forces within the modern dining ecosystem. In fact, their integration is already underway and deepening with each passing day. From redeeeming mobile coupons at the point of sale, to receiving discounts for paying the tab via mobile devices, customers are witnessing and enjoying the marriage of mobile payments and mobile marketing – a union that is bound to be a long and happy one.

Earlier this week, PayAnywhere – a leading provider of mobile payment solutions for the the retail and restaurant industries – published a new infographic illustrating the prevalent role mobile will continue to play at restaurants everywhere.