Mobile Marketing Partnership Focuses on SMS for Smarter Customer Experiences

Although personalized, targeted content isn’t new to SDL – a company well-versed in delivering content across a variety of channels, including mobile devices – on Monday in the United Kingdom, SDL announced a strategic new partnership with Dynmark.

Dynmark, a cloud-based mobile messaging and intelligence platform, will provide SDL customers with a greater ability to capitalize on the growing mobile sector, chiefly through SMS marketing campaigns.

According to the new partners, a cornerstone of today’s mobile marketing ecosystem is SMS messaging or texting. Without an SMS marketing strategy incorporated into a comprehensive mobile marketing effort, opportunities will be missed for businesses and consumers alike.

As mobile messaging continues to become an essential communications tool of social life, mobile marketing is an ideal way for brands to become part of social conversation, search and shopping.

“Brands’ communication strategies have had to address a seismic shift towards mobile as smartphone adoption has accelerated,” says Paul Putman, the CEO of Dynmark. “Mobile is now the most critical communication tool to access the consumer psyche and our partnership with SDL allows brands to offer a multi-channel approach ensuring that mobile engagement through messaging can be delivered intelligently and cost effectively.”

Combining the Dynmark solution with the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite gives marketers the ability to integrate mobile messaging into their overall multi-channel marketing strategy, a statement from SDL released to the press reads.

“Once mobile messaging has been added into the mix, marketers can develop a deeper understanding around every interaction to better engage customers with relevant, timely and personalized messages across channels and devices,” the company confirms.