Mobile Marketing on the Move in China

Mobile Marketing on the Move in China36% of China’s marketers have already tested mobile marketing and more are poised to do the same.

When you consider that China is the world’s largest mobile population, the potential for mobile marketing’s growth for the remainder of the decade is unparalleled.

The latest statistics show that 16% of marketers in China have now incorporated mobile as their “regular marketing channel,” a new whitepaper from Experian Marketing Services showed.

The paper presents results of a survey that covered over 300 marketers across a range of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industry sectors.

Enterprise Innovation, which highlighted the new study in a freshly published report today, notes that China is home to the world’s largest mobile service providers and “is expected to have up to 500 million mobiles in use by year-end 2013.”

“Some 84% of company respondents expected that sales through mobile devices will increase significantly in the next year,” said Chris Yao, managing director of Experian Greater China.

With regard to the most popular method of mobile marketing in China today, SMS is the big winner – hands down, But “custom application, QR and barcodes and mobile optimized email are expected to show big gains.”