Mobile Marketing Not Ready For Presidential Politics?

Ok, Ok… I promise. This is my last entry about the massive SMS blast over the weekend by you know-who.

Keynote Systems, an industry leader in on-demand mobile and Internet test and measurement solutions, revealed today that the SMS service used by the Obama campaign was “highly unreliable the week leading up to his momentous text announcement.”

Keynote conducted six hundred tests on the Obama ’08 Campaign short code from August 13 to August 22 in anticipation of the August 23 announcement. The results revealed inconsistent performance with extremely poor availability compared to the industry average.

Based on its data, Keynote believes that between 40-50 percent of people subscribing to receive the VP selection text message from the Obama campaign may not have received the text message in a timely fashion or in fact very likely never received the text message at all.

Keynote conducted its tests in San Francisco and San Diego across two major carrier networks. Subscribers to the Obama ’08 Campaign received an SMS message and response time was measured once an hour over each carrier network.

“Our evaluation of Obama’s SMS service leading up to his VP announcement demonstrates the inadequacy of the SMS technical infrastructure to support large-scale marketing campaigns,” said Shlomi Gian, director of mobile business development for Keynote. “As mobile marketing increasingly becomes a key channel for campaign managers and marketers interested in communicating with voters and consumers, a solution for testing and monitoring common short codes is needed to ensure the delivery of critical information and reliability. The Obama event underscores the absolute need to monitor the performance of common short codes used in high impact marketing or sales initiatives in which actual delivery of the message to the consumer is important to the overall success of the campaign.”