Mobile Marketing Moves to The ‘Forefront’ for B2B Marketers

Mobile marketing is finally coming into its own in the world of B2B marketing.

According to recent published reports, mobile marketing has “moved to the forefront” for B2B marketers.

“We are starting to think mobile first, not last,” Kathy Button Bell, CMO of Emerson Electric Co., tells btobonline.

Bell’s company has recently introduced “dozens of mobile apps and mobile Web experiences” for its mixed and varied businesses spanning Emerson Climate Technologies and Emerson Industrial Automation.

Boosted by the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers, U.S. mobile ad spending will reach $7.3 billion this year, up 77.3% over last year, according to an April forecast by eMarketer. That figure includes ad dollars spent on display, search and message-based formats delivered on all mobile devices, including tablets.

The report in question indicates that U.S. mobile ad spending will surpass $27.0 billion by 2017.

That’s almost half of all online ad spending.

“Only a few years ago, mobile’s impact was measured by its function as a basic phone, and now it is impossible to envision a world without smartphones and tablets,” Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, says. “No other media will evolve at this pace, with unforeseen opportunities to reimagine the user experience.”