Mobile Marketing Matters More Now Than Ever in India

motivationAccording to a new report from eMarketer, mobile marketing is growing at a rapid pace in India.

The report in question posits that marketers in “India already see mobile as a key part of their efforts—even if spending is still relatively low.”

Citing data from eMart Solutions, eMarketer says that 71% of digital marketers in India now view mobile marketing as being “core” to their business.

And nearly as many (68%) said they have integrated mobile into their overall marketing strategy.

“By 2019,” the report concludes, “advertisers in India will be spending much more on mobile placements—$1.32 billion. That will account for a majority of all digital ad spending (60.9%), and 15.5% of total media advertising in India.”

So what, exactly, are mobile marketers in India mos intensely focused on today? For now, that would be display and social ads.

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