Mobile Marketing: Look Back and Ahead

Mobile Marketing Makes the Barcelona AgendaWith 2015 drawing to a close next week, the time has come to reflect upon not only where mobile marketing has been, but also where it’s going.

To help us in that effort, MMW recently connected with Scott Nelson, Head of North America at Viber.

MMW: What was the biggest mobile marketing win in 2015?

NELSON: The biggest mobile marketing win in 2015 is the category itself. The mobile messaging space is becoming THE space. The technology, functionality and quality is continuing to evolve. There are constantly new products coming from various players in various markets. We are all learning from each other, everyone in the category is making each other better. 2016 will be a big year for the space.

MMW: What is the biggest mobile marketing opportunity in 2016?

NELSON: The mobile messaging space is growing rapidly. But, more importantly, the focus in 2016 will continue to be on consumers, providing the right experiences and giving them what they want. You’ve got to be light and nimble, yet, at the same time, ensure you are delivering a product your user wants. The landscape is evolving every day. Each and every player is trying to figure out ways to better their product. Some are going about that in a strategic manner, but a lot are not and are just throwing things on a board and hoping something sticks.

At the end of the day, it’s about our users, providing the best for them always. The competition is large, it’s a crowded market space, there a tons of options for users globally. The ones that will win moving forward know what the users want, they provide value, they are a part of the user’s daily life and go about marketing and business initiatives in a very strategic manner.