Mobile Marketing is a Piece of Cupcake

Mobile Marketing is a Piece of CupcakeMobile technology and marketing are no strangers to deployment at or near the point of sale for countless businesses around the world. But some applications of mobile’s utility are certainly sweeter than others. And we mean that literally in this example.

The owner of Cako Bakery has just rolled out a comprehensive mobile technology to personalize the in-store experience. And it’s already boosting customer loyalty to such an extent that these culinary marketing geniuses are getting a fair amount of digital ink as a direct result.

The technology stems from a recent partnership between Revel and Index that integrates loyalty programs straight into the mobile point-of-sale system. Instead of having to scan a mobile or physical coupon and then manually add it to a bill, Cako can now automatically apply offers via its mobile POS.

“We were looking for an integrated solution for all of our systems,” Albert Chen, owner of San Francisco’s Cako Bakery, tells Mobile Commerce Daily. “Previously our loyalty and coupon system was not integrated into our POS. It was a separate system and difficult to manage. The Revel/Index solution provides an integrated solution for our separate systems. [It] has made loyalty management a lot easier. Cako customers can track and redeem points and redeem special promotions.”

All told, the recipe for success Chen found in mobile is definitely working. Despite being open since just 2009, the company has already expanded to six locations across in California. Not surprisingly, Cako Baker’s success in mobile is inspiring other businesses to take mobile commerce, rewards, and marketing more seriously.

“Today a lot of customers come in and out of stores; [merchants] don’t have a strong sense of who they are,” Marc Freed-Finnegan, CEO of Index, is quoted in the same report. “Without a really strong understanding of who his customers are, it’s hard for [merchants] to really engage, get them to come more frequently.”