Mobile Marketing in the White House?

President-elect Obama used technology to motivate his base and get the vote out. What’s phenomenal about it is that he came from practically nowhere two years ago, and despite running against established rivals – first Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, and then John McCain – managed to take the White House by a landslide.

And mobile technology was there to help.

Today, an aide for the transition team announced that future White House press briefings may include a “mobile component” to keep Americans informed of the “select developments” they care about when specific issues are discussed in White House press briefings.

This would be the first time the White House has ever used mobile technology as a way to bridge gaps and bring the federal government closer to the American public.

Details have not yet been made available, but if the campaign reflects the administration, mobile technology and the outreach potential of mobile marketing will play a significant role in the next presidential administration.