Mobile Marketing in India Will See Less Social, More Loyalty Schemes by 2020

Mobile Marketing in India Will See Less Social, More Loyalty Schemes by 2020Location-based targeting is now the premier mobile advertising strategy in India.

And that technology is only going to grow, according to recent research.

“The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Warc found that location-based marketing was the No. 1 mobile technology currently in use in India, with 84 percent of marketers using it,” according to eMarketer. “It will still be tops in 2020, with little shift in usage, respondents believe — but a lot else will change.”

Those changes? Mobile wallets are coming on strong, as are QR codes and webrooming.

“This year, mobile wallets are virtually tied with augmented reality and mobile gaming, each used by around two in five marketers,” notes eMarketer. “But as mobile wallets rise 66.7 percent in usage, they will pull far away from the other two technologies, which will rise by 8 percentage points and fall by 3 points, respectively.”

The move to QR codes and webrooming are expected to be more or less equal, though in 2015 QR codes are now twice as common.

Interestingly, the research showed that the current most popular mobile format — display — will drop in use by 2020. Social marketing could be reduced from 49 percent to 42 percent and SMS marketing is also expected to take a hit as marketers put it lower on the priorities list.

What else is coming?

“Loyalty schemes will more than double in importance,” reports eMarketer. “Coupons and discounts, and app development will also make significant gains. Mobile content marketing, currently in third place, will rise to No. 2 as it surpasses social in importance.”