Mobile Marketing in India ‘Off The Charts’

Mobile marketing in India is growing quickly with no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future.

According to a new report from Netscribes – a knowledge consulting and solutions firm with clients around the world – India is now home to well over 800 mobile subscribers.

With growing adoption of mobile devices across the varied levels of consumers, the firm says, mobile as a medium for marketing and promotion provides the maximum reach in the country.

According to details contained in the published study, demand for mobile content is escalating dramatically in India. Those demanding more content are young people from both urban and rural areas, who are very comfortable with mobile technology.

“With domestic mobile manufacturers offering more smartphones at affordable price, the popularity and usage will further increase in the coming years,” the report summary reads.

The report goes on to suggest key strategic moves which can help enhance adoption of mobile marketing in India.

“Players need to offer multi-format mobile marketing facilities to attract marketers,” the report from Netscribes reads. “At the same time they have to ensure that the marketing services are measurable for the clients’ convenience for credibility evaluation. The economic advantage over other marketing channels is one of the key features of mobile marketing which it must leverage on.”