Mobile Marketing Ideas Abound At Wapfly

logo.gifAnyone looking for innovative mobile marketing ideas would certainly be wise to check out Wapfly and their growing and quite impressive portfolio. In fact, when I heard that David Beckham digs Wapfly, I had to check it out for myself.

According to a People Magazine report that listed Mr. Beckham as one of the celebrities whose photos are among the most downloaded mobile content in the world, I figured the guy must have at least one mobile marketing genius behind his media darling status.

As it turns out, Wapfly Technologies Ltd, a mobile service provider headquartered in Great Britain, was given the job of producing the official David Beckham WAP site for the elaborate mobile marketing campaign commissioned by Motorola.

According to Wapfly, “We developed a WAP site that would allow users to navigate through menus and options downloading items of David Beckham mobile content. These items were wallpapers, videos and a game. A user was able to send an SMS message to a shortcode allowing them to be sent a link direct to the WAP site.” This WAP site, which went live just before the World Cup 2006, was uniquely tailored to be correctly displayed on any mobile phone a user could select.

Apart from the soccer great, however, Wapfly has also acquired the business of a number of high profile companies and organizations. Although I had not previously been familiar with their work, Wapfly is creating significant buzz in the increasingly crowded field of mobile marketing players. As their website offers, “Our commitment in predicting mobile trends means that often we are ahead of the game and bring unique opportunities to our customers and partners. One of our greatest assets is our intellectual property. We have many years experience and expertise in several fundamental areas of mobile and are growing quicker than the opportunity in the mobile space.”