Mobile Marketing Holding Its Own Amid Recession

While advertising spend has been declining rapidly across the board, mobile marketing seems to be the only sector still holding its own, according to a new report by Juniper Research.

It’s no secret that display advertising has seen the largest hit, but the recession is not all to blame for the steep decline.  Other forms of more targeted advertising have proved to not only be more cost efficient, but much more effective.  Mobile marketing is holding steady through these tough times because it holds these two attributes.

What’s more interesting is that mobile marketing in general is seeing the same amount of investment that it did before the economic crisis even began, according to the report.  Windsor Holden, principal analyst at Juniper Research, believes this could lead to the mobile advertising sector becoming more widely adopted by marketers than it otherwise would have without a recession.

It tough times, when advertising budgets have to be stretched so thin, mobile marketing is the channel most companies are turning to.  “The proportion of ad spend which is going to mobile is definitely increasing,” continued Holden.

While some forward-thinking companies have always been at the forefront of mobile marketing methodology, most companies have remained timid and confused at the thought of utilizing the mobile channel.  The recession, on the other hand, is forcing more and more of those companies to use the mobile channel out of pure necessity.  Whatever the case may be, the future of mobile marketing still looks bright while other forms of advertising are quickly diminishing.