Mobile Marketing Hits Wall Street

So I must confess. Although blogging about mobile marketing alongside my terrific colleagues at Mobile Marketing Watch is my ultimate passion and daily adventure, unfortunately, it isn’t my full time day job. As one who works in the Chicago Board of Trade, I spend a considerable amount of time watching the markets and riding the roller-coaster of stocks and commodities. And although I’m not a trader myself, I spend a great deal of time with them, and I’ve seen how mobile marketing is actively penetrating Wall Street.

Standing next to a grain trader in the lunch hall yesterday, I was taken aback by his sudden shouting into his mobile phone. As it turned out, he just made a horrible trade and lost a considerable sum of money. His mobile phone dealings were the direct result of regional clearing firms using mobile marketing to recruit top traders to begin trading stocks and commodities through the mobile phones.

Although much attention has not yet been widely given to the roll that mobile phones and mobile marketing are now playing in the financial industry, there’s a great movement on the part of introducing brokers and clearing firms to use this new avenue to simplify the trading process and keep financial pros on top of the markets.

Keep an eye on this development, because I sense we’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming months and years.