Mobile Marketing Hits The Big Time… in Indiana?

Living in Indiana, I am more than familiar with wise cracks about how the Hoosier state is supposedly behind the technological times. Today, however, some critics will be forced to bite their tongues, especially since mobile marketing has found its way to one of the mainstays of midwestern entertainment not to mention an otherwise unlikely candidate for mobile marketing usage – the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

In an unexpected move to hopefully gain the attention of younger patrons, my local newspaper reported this morning that the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is looking to use its e-mail marketing partner ExactTarget’s new SMS marketing service. At present, the two organizations are collaborating on a mobile marketing program, which the ISO plans to introduce next summer.

Even though the ISO’s core product is classical music concerts, which generally attract a mostly elderly audience, the new summer offerings “Video Games Live” and “Happy Hour at the Symphony” are targeted at younger and more diverse audiences ranging from 17-year-old females to 30-year-old males. According to the media relations director for the Symphony, e-mail campaigns have already helped draw new audiences, and, as a result, a considerable chunk of 2009 promotional work for the ISO will be rooted in mobile marketing.

In addition, a great example of mobile marketing’s utility for the orchestra is the potential for real time weather updates for outdoor events. As we’re bound to see with the ISO, a text message can alert concertgoers that a show has been cancelled, rescheduled, or relocated to an indoor venue in the event of a storm.

Mobile marketing has come to Indiana. It’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mobile marketing.