Mobile Marketing: Here’s What Happened This Week

Mobile Marketing Here’s What Happened This WeekIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

TapFwd, LiveRamp Give Mobile Marketers Offline Data
TapFwd, a mobile-first data management platform, announced Wednesday a new partnership with LiveRamp, a provider of data connectivity and onboarding services.

Retailers Marketing Deluge of New Shirts on Amazon for Mom Ahead of Mother’s Day
If your mobile screen is being pelted these days with social media ads for T-Shirts for mom, there’s a good reason why. Last fall, Amazon launched a new platform for designers to create and publish high-quality shirts for purchase — Merch By Amazon.

JUICE Mobile Launches World’s First Mobile Futures Market
JUICE Mobile is making history this week with the launch of “Nectar Futures” – the industry’s first futures market designed for mobile advertising.

Integral Ad Science and Facebook Team Up with Mutual Mobile Aspirations
Integral Ad Science confirmed to MMW this week that the company has partnered with Facebook to deliver third-party viewability measurement to advertisers.

Why Do Consumers Sign Up for Marketing Emails?
Why do the vast majority of consumers who sign up for marketing emails actually do such a thing? Turn out, this is a very self-motivated group.

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