Mobile Marketing Has Been Very, Very Good to Snipp Interactive

Mobile Marketing Has Been Very, Very Good to Snipp InteractiveSnipp Interactive, a global provider of mobile marketing solutions, had a pretty remarkable 2014, according to full year fiscal earnings reported just this week.

“The total annual sales revenues for 2014 grew 309% from the prior year to $3,562,045 and the total sales revenues for the 4th quarter of 2014 grew 663% from the prior year to $2,003,411,” a statement provided by the company reads.

All told, Snipp is the latest mobile marketing provider to report a surge in revenue throughout the past year.

Atul Sabharwal, CEO and Founder of Snipp, says the company “is extremely well poised to take advantage of growth opportunities on multiple fronts. While we continue to pursue organic customer growth and geographic expansion, we are now also increasingly focused on exploiting strategic opportunities to merge with and/or acquire private companies in our space.”

In other words, if you think 2014 was big, just wait for what 2015 brings.