Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dentist

On Thursday, Internet Dental Alliance (IDA) announced a big development that should drill out more than few lingering problems for dentists looking to promote their practices via mobile marketing.

The IDA is pushing a new series of mobile dental marketing websites that reportedly make is easy for large or small dental practices to generate leads no matter what kind of internet access device is used.

The newest packages for IDA’s New Patient Marketing Machine start with a mobile landing page for dentists new to online marketing. Doctors who have more internet experience, or who have larger practices can get a fully interactive mobile app for each of their New Patient Portals, or dental websites.

The mobile features save time and make money for doctors in two ways, says the IDA. First, they won’t have to spend time finding a web designer to make their websites mobile friendly. Second, dentists with IDA Portals won’t lose new patients who give up trying to find their way around a regular-sized website while using their smart phones or tablets.

IDA mobile-ready dentist websites will be available 24/7 to generate leads. And the Professional and Premium level packages even let mobile visitors set appointments online.

“Now that mobile devices outnumber laptop and desktop computers, mobile marketing for dental practices is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity,” says dental marketing expert Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “It’s vitally important to stay on top of fast changing internet marketing trends in order to maintain an effective web presence. But practicing dentists don’t have time to do that – so we do it for them!”

For more information, check out the Internet Dental Alliance.