Mobile Marketing Gives Boost to Home Buyers Market

The housing market might be weak, but mobile marketing efforts are increasing the ease with which house-hunters can scout potential new homes and size up their attributes.

According to a newswire report, a “major provider” of real estate virtual tours has pioneered a new cell phone-compatible format that enables users to take virtual tours of homes for sale right from their mobile handsets.

Consistent with stats provided by The Wireless Telecommunications Association, this groundbreaking virtual tour format will be available to approximately one hundred and twenty million cell phone subscribers just in North America. Included in the virtual tours are comprehensive listings of images, property details, and agent contact information.

“This new mobile tour format provides agents with a fantastic opportunity to connect with buyers directly at the point-of-sale when their interest is at its highest point,” says Robert Davis, CEO. “Today’s home buyers require listing information whenever, and wherever, they want it and mobile tours provide that benefit.”

According to CirclePix, this “new functionality of viewing virtual tours” right on one’s mobile phone gives real estate agents an outstanding advantage to promote themselves and their homes. It also “opens up interesting new possibilities for listing presentations and open houses.”

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