Mobile Marketing Gets Some ‘Color’

The tanning industry could be the next big business to make mobile marketing a cornerstone of its promotional strategy.

As more news surfaces of tanning companies both large and small initiating mobile campaigns, it comes as no surprise that a large chain of tanning salons in Wisconsin called “The Tanning Salon” is trying to set new tanning industry standards for quality mobile marketing campaigns.

According to Jodi Krenz, owner of The Tanning Salon, “In the past 10 years, we have moved from newspaper, postcards and mailings to web pages, social networking and texting. With our mobile coupons, we have had an 85 percent success rate with customers coming in for the complimentary session and returning to purchase packages.”

For now, the text marketing method seems to be working best for tanning salon franchises in cities both small and large. The combination of mobile coupons and free tanning sessions conveyed via SMS is drawing more fake-bakers out of the shade than ever.

And that’s a booming trend that doesn’t seem poised to change any time soon.