Mobile Marketing Gets ‘JUICED’ In New Infographic

What’s the latest on mobile marketing in Canada?

Flourishing mobile marketing outfit, JUICE Mobile, has released some eye-opening Canadian mobile statistics in a new infographic and corresponding detailed report.

Based in Toronto, JUICE Mobile is a mobile advertising firm that was founded in 2010.

“Unlike traditional research firms,” the company says, “which often use samples and panels to speculate on mobile trends, JUICE draws on actual monthly data from its own infrastructure to identify the trends taking place in the marketplace.”

At the end of Q1, many noteworthy insights have emerged in the Canadian mobile space. The iPhone has remained the #1 device in Canada, but RIM’s strength cannot be discounted. Five different BlackBerries are represented within the top devices in April, with the Blackberry Torch 9800 being the #2 device in market. RIM’s operating system remains 45% of the total requested ad calls in April, suggesting that the doom and gloom surrounding RIM is premature. Bottom line: Canadians are still big Blackberry users.

“Not surprising has been the rapid growth of the Android operating system over the past three months, growing from 11% of requested impressions to now represent 20% of the total monthly requested impressions,” JUICE reveals in the report. “What is surprising is where Android is making these gains: at the expense of Apple and Symbian. April also marks the first time that an Android device has entered the Top 10 handset list, with the appearance of the Galaxy Nexus at #10.”

The emergence of tablets as ever more popular connected devices beyond just the iPad was also significant. Tablets increasingly represent a larger percentage of total impression requests in the JUICE network, having doubled from 3% to 7% of total requests in three months.

“Readers too are beginning to make inroads into the connected device space with the Kobo being the dominant E-reader (ahead of the Nook and the Kindle) and garnering more than 2x the monthly impression requests of the BlackBerry Playbook,” the report asserts.

Below is the infographic JUICE Mobile released along with the report.