Mobile Marketing for the Sweet Tooth

cadbury.jpg‘Tis the season for the Cadbury Crème Egg. And with the candy giant now approaching its busiest and most profitable time of year, Cadbury has decided to extend its successful UK mobile marketing strategy across the globe to further brand awareness, the company announced last week.

Founded in the 1800’s, Cadbury has been a sugary mainstay of English tradition with deep ties reaching all the way to the British monarchy. Hershey Foods, however, holds the exclusive license to manufacture Cadbury chocolate products in the United States.

According to the official press release, Cadbury has tapped MassMedia Studios to run its global campaign. The announcement comes one year after Cadbury first used their services to boost their marketing in Europe.

The goal? Cadbury hopes to achieve better control and consistency in its marketing efforts by focusing heavily on mobile marketing and using MassMedia Studios’ services to extend its brand awareness in the US, Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, MassMedia Studios launched an aggressive advertising campaign for the confectionary giant that employed email and mobile marketing but also encouraged user-generated content from fans of Cadbury’s various products.

Frances Dovey, interactive and emerging media manager at Cadbury, said: “In addition to giving us greater control and efficiency over our activities it has helped us improve our understanding about Cadbury consumers. MassMedia itself has provided valuable consultancy and roll-out advice, which will allow us to really embrace digital marketing in all Cadbury territories.”

It was also reported that MassMedia is setting up a branded YouTube channel that will allow users to upload their own creative Cadbury Creme Egg commercials, which can then be shared among inclined mobile users.

Cadbury hopes to inspire the latest and “sweetest” mobile marketing success story in the competitive world of candy production.