Mobile Marketing For “Company Recruitment” Debuts

CKR Interactive together with CellForce has released “ExCELLerate,” a complete “mobile recruitment marketing solution.”  As one of the first of its kind, the new marketing platform aims to provide several customized campaign options to enable employers to target, attract and maintain ongoing communications with prospective candidates.

The overall recruitment process has needed a boost for some time, and ExCELLerate adds this boost by combining the power and targetability of mobile marketing with CKR Interactive’s recruitment advertising expertise.  CellForce will provide the mobile technology and the basis for the platform.  

The ExCELLerate platform works by utilizing a variety of SMS-based communication with both active and passive candidates, while organizing and distributing the data as efficiently as possible.  The solution is scalable for companies of all sizes and is perfect for global companies or organizations with multiple locations, making the recruitment process in general more effective and efficient for any company or organization.

It’s nice to see that the methodology that has made mobile marketing in general so successful, has made its way into other industries and segments.  The power of SMS maybe nothing new, but the usefulness in a variety of other instances is yet to be seen.  

My only concern in a solution like ExCELLerate is the fact that any mobile marketing platform that includes SMS functionality (as most should) can provide the exact same “recruitment marketing” benefits without having to use a seperate platform just for recruiting.  Then again, if the sole function you’re interested in is recruitment, it would make sense.  Either way, it’s something to keep an eye on.