Mobile Marketing for 2014 and Beyond

Mobile Marketing for 2014 and Beyond2013 was a banner year in many ways for the mobile marketing industry.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of mobile marketing among businesses, developers, and publishers in the digital space, the groundwork is in place for an even more staggeringly successful 2014.

But what will be the “pillars” of mobile marketing success next year?
On Tuesday, Cheryl Conner of Forbes declared the five priorities for businesses should be as follows:

  • A unique, branded mobile app
  • Redeemable Deals
  • Event Notification
  • Loyalty
  • Customer Referrals

“Ideally, these pillars should be integrated together into a common program and platform to address your company’s marketing to customers who use a mobile device,” Conner writes. “While each of the pillars are important… none of these functions are sufficient in and of themselves to serve as a complete mobile marketing strategy. In other words, a business loses golden opportunity if they simply patch their mobility ideas together in a way that offers one company’s loyalty program, for example, while using a separate strategy and provider for location and customer preference based deals.”

Next year, Conner concludes, it will be more apparent than ever that mobility and marketing “are made for each other.”

How are you gearing up for the challenges and opportunities in mobile marketing for 2014?