Mobile Marketing Firm Yowza Goes for a Spindle

Mobile Marketing Firm Yowza Goes for a SpindleOn Wednesday, mobile commerce solutions provider Spindle announced that it is proceeding with an acquisition of Yowza, an LA-based provider of mobile marketing services.

Spindle says that once the deal is closed, the company will increase its reach to nearly 2 million, and will expand its roster of participating merchants to approximately 95,000 locations.

“The acquisition of Yowza!! marks a milestone in Spindle’s young history, and give us an extraordinary talent pool and proven technology that we believe will dovetail extremely well with our own market-proven solutions,” says Bill Clark, Spindle’s chief executive officer.

Spindle plans to integrate Yowza’s services with its MeNetwork platform, which allows merchants to facilitate payment processing and manage customized marketing campaigns in a standalone interface.

“Most importantly,” Clark adds, “we believe the completion of this transaction  positions Spindle as one of the largest providers in the new mobile economy by giving us a platform to reach to the tens of millions of consumers and businesses that are now embracing the convenience and flexibility of buying and selling goods and services through smartphones and tablets.  We believe that the acquisition will be beneficial for both our subscribing merchants and consumers, as well as our shareholders, as we deliver payment services and consumer engagement marketing programs that integrate Yowza!!’s offers platform.”