Mobile Marketing Exploding in India

In India today, there are more than 330 million mobile subscribers and that number is growing exponentially.

As a result, several FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies, banks, magazines and TV stations in India are moving beyond tradition print advertising and investing heavily in digital promotion, specifically via the mobile phone platform.

Marketers in India have a longstanding tradition (or obsession) with targeted advertising, yet their laser-like focus on print and television advertising has not proved worth the investment of resources and hope.

Mobile marketing, as discovered elsewhere, is providing the type of targeted advertising marketers in Indiana need (and can still afford). In ad relative short period of time, Indian mobile marketing companies have taken off (like Affle India, Webaroo Technology India, Flytxt, Netcore Solutions and Vakow), all with proprietary platforms for advertisers who want to reach the ever-growing mobile population in India.

In February, Reliance Communications announced the implementation of an integrated carrier-class mobile marketing software platform called Neon on its network, as part of its tie-up with mobile advertising and marketing technology provider Flytxt. Neon features a sophisticated mobile CRM (customer relationship management) database and the mobile applications required to conduct large-scale mobile customer engagement programs.

This, it appears, will be the future of mobile marketing in India.