Mobile Marketing Data Shows How to be a Dodgers or Astros Fan

With the first matchup between 100-win teams since 1970, fans on both sides are ready for a World Series win. Umbel, the leading first-party data management platform for sports organizations focused on helping teams sell tickets, has pulled data on Dodgers and Astros fans, that shows how new fans can fit in with the crowd.

How to fit in with Dodgers Fans:

Favorite fast food: In-N-Out

Favorite artist: Tupac

Favorite place to go: Disneyland

Favorite beer: Dos Equis

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant

2nd favorite Sport: NBA  

Dodger Fan base breakdown:

100K average income

84% own homes

54% have kids

average age is 49

(Total fans polled: 8,128)

How to fit in with Astros Fan:

Favorite fast food: Whataburger

Favorite artist: Dr. Dre

Favorite place to go: Rodeo Houston

Favorite beer: Bud Light

Favorite athlete: J.J. Watt

2nd favorite Sport: NFL

Astros Fan base breakdown:

98K average income

91% own homes

59% have kids

average age is 47

(Total fans polled: 3,628)