Mobile Marketing Costs Come into Focus in New Report

Mobile Marketing Costs Come into Focus in New ReportAlthough the month of June comes to a close tomorrow, we’re just getting data on the month of May with regard to mobile marketing costs.

Mobile marketing costs and volume dipped slightly in May, according to the Fiksu Indexes published ahead of the weekend by Fiksu, Inc.

According to a report  the data-fueled mobile marketing technology company. May’s cost per loyal user (CPLU) of $2.47 represents a 10 percent decrease since last month, a welcome relief for marketers who have experienced a steady rise in marketing costs throughout 2015.
“While we have seen seasonal slowdowns of app marketing during the summer months in prior years, May’s results also reflect brands implementing more precise audience segmentation,” said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu. “While Facebook has been a preferred tool to reach mobile audiences, rising CPIs in 2015 has caused some marketers to look for ways to reduce costs and focus their spend on the right groups of users. As we predicted last month, smarter spending across the ecosystem will, in due course, cause loyalty rates of app users to improve.”

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