Mobile Marketing Companies Continue to Hire Despite Economic Woes

Not withstanding the lingering employment perils of today’s still sluggish economy, the mobile marketing industry continues to expand and hire at an impressive pace.

This week, CMSText – a mobile marketing company founded in Lexington, Kentucky – became the poster-child for mobile marketing employment growth when it announced its intention to hire at least 135 additional people.

“With the growth that we’ve had, we’re in a position now to expand our operations,” founder Conrad Carney was quoted in the local press.

Carney built CMSText from its roots with text message marketing utilized by industries including restaurants, and now the firm has designed a new platform that he hopes to launch in the first quarter of 2012. Called Xooker, he said the platform is a step beyond social networks like Facebook and Twitter and is more akin to products like Groupon and Living Social in which people sign up for marketing with deals and so forth.

“If you like Groupon, it will be Groupon on steroids,” he said. “It will also have mobile gaming involved. It’s a complete mobile, social new media platform. The Groupon-esque aspect of it is only one small portion of the platform.”

According to the report, which was featured on, Carney’s firm has already hired 20 additional employees and will be adding on more team-members throughout 2012.

“A lot of the hiring depends on the markets themselves and how quickly we’re opening those,” Carney said. “We hope to be adding sooner rather than later. We feel that in the first two years, we’ll be hitting those numbers,” he said with regard to the 135 new jobs estimate.