Mobile Marketing Campaign Count Challenge

How many mobile marketing campaigns do you see in a day?

I’m not talking about stuff you see written about on a mobile marketing blog, like this one, but real-life mobile marketing campaigns. Maybe it is a TV show announcing their mobile website or a radio station has a text to win campaign going or perhaps you get a mobile coupon from your favorite restaurant or store. If you get an email that has a mobile-friendly version you can count that. If you log into a website from your mobile browser and you get a mobile friendly website, go ahead and count that.

The Mobile Marketing Campaign Count Challenge is on. Count how many mobile marketing campaigns you see in one day and then come back here and comment. Please share where you are located so we can see differences internationally.

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UPDATE: (Two hours later)
I am already at two. So far I have heard a part of a text to win campaign by Applebees. I changed radio stations in my car and heard just the end of the announcement to “text in to win from Applebees.” Since there is no Tivo for radio yet, I couldn’t rewind to hear the whole thing. Then I saw a banner ad for ringtones at a news site I was visiting. What have you seen so far?