Mobile Marketing Becomes Indispensable in Movie Promotion

Added to the list of “musts” a blockbuster movie in the making requires is a strong mobile presence and no shortage of mobile marketing strategies in place before the film opens.

Adding further credence to this view is recent news from POSSIBLE – a WPP Digital company – and Fox Digital Entertainment. Both companies have teamed up to debut DIE HARD, a new mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

Based on the upcoming feature film “A Good Day To Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney, the game combines the best of the “endless runner” and “first-person shooter” genres into a new format – the “endless shooter.”

The app retails for $0.99 on iOS and Amazon although it is free on Android.

“The DIE HARD franchise is one of the most recognizable entertainment properties in the world and we are honored to bring the latest installment to life in the form of the new DIE HARD app,” said Andrew Solmssen, managing director, Los Angeles at POSSIBLE. “Our number one mandate in developing the app was to create an awesome standalone gaming experience.”

Do mobile marketing campaigns and the release of companion apps or mobile games influence your excitement for or desire to see the movies that these elements help to promote? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.