Mobile Marketing: Avoiding The Annoying Factor

Because it is pivotal to ensure that mobile internet marketing is not annoying (as some would claim), analysts are starting to weigh in on the palatability of this advertising mechanism.
According to analysts Frost & Sullivan, direct marketing through text messaging has been “unable to avoid the annoyance factor.” But in order to be successful, mobile internet marketing should make the most of its potential.

Jeff Teh, an analyst for the company, said what we already know – that mobile advertising is cost effective and flexible and marketers should try to make sure their promotion through the medium delivers services and personalized content to consumers.

Direct marketing strategies carried out over mobiles should also make sure they only include people who have signed up to the service and should enable subscribers to control the amount of content they receive, he added.

Mr. Teh advised firms to offer a reward for the receipt of content, including the potential provision of free content. Paul Kultgen, director of mobile advertising at the Nielsen Co, has agreed that mobile advertising could appeal to consumers. Speaking to a conference, he said “the best days for mobile ads are in front of us”, the LA Times reported.